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3/25/2020 Cheetah News

Cheetah Families-

This has been a spring break our Cheetahs will likely not forget!  Across our world we have seen an unprecedented viral spread and response to COVID-19.  I know each family in our community is also responding to these events in ways that are best for their individual families.  We are also in unprecedented territory with our school closures.  New experiences can lead to anticipation and anxiety. 

Our campus understands that there may be anticipation by you and your child/children about what the learning the two weeks after spring break will look like.  LISD will be sending updates as they did earlier today, and we will work with families as well.  As stated by the LISD update, the learning the two weeks after spring break will be focused on retention of learning rather than new learning.  There is not a plan, at this time, for elementary schools to check out devices to students.  If we do extend the school closures beyond April 6th, LISD may reevaluate.  We encourage all families to maintain routines and schedules that support your child’s development.   

With this new information and uncertainty, you may have questions.  Our teachers will receive more directions on our district expectations when they virtually return to work on March 23rd.  They will reach out to our families Wednesday or Thursday with a plan to help you support your child’s learning. 

As partners in education, we will continue to pair with you through these times.  There have been many funny memes about homeschooling and children learning with their parents on social media.  Humor in difficult times gives us some needed relief.  We do anticipate that as parents move into this role there will be questions you have for your teachers.  We encourage you to make a list of your questions and send to your teacher after they have reached out next week.

We miss our Cheetahs!!

Kristen Alex

Principal Cypress Elementary

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