Safety Reminders

Safety Reminders

Please remember the following...


1)The area to the side and back of the portables is closed to through traffic. This is where our walkers pass through and they need a safe place to walk. Further, we don't want any accidents. We have placed a temporary barrier across the walk while we work on getting something more permanent. Please help keep our walkers safe by avoiding this area in your vehicles. Thanks so much!


2) The front parking lot is for parent drop off only in the morning and afternoon. It is not for parking and walking children into the building. If you are going to do this, please park in the side parking lot closest to the cafeteria. When you exit, please use the front drive as the back drive and area around the portables is closed for students walking to school and buses dropping off students.


3) Please remember to drive extra slow, stay off of cell phones, and be aware of little children darting across streets and around cars and not to make u-turns on Dagama,


We can't thank you enough for helping us keep all of the children safe!