First Day of School

First Day of School

The first day of school is Thursday, August 16th. All students will report to their homerooms. Kindergarten parents and others are invited to join the PTA in the cafeteria for Tears and Cheers after drop off.

School Hours:

Class Start Time:7:45AM; Dismissal Time:2:50PM
 The first two days dismissal will be at 2:40.

District has set the school open time for elementary schools at 7:20AM. Students can either go to breakfast or go to their homeroom when they arrive. Students who arrive after the 7:45 bell are tardy.

Arrival & Departure Routines:

Cypress is a family friendly community school where safety is our first priority. We appreciate you establishing a positive tone to our mornings and afternoons. You help our students to arrive and depart school safely each day. In the mornings, students arrive by car, bus, daycare, or walk/bike. In the afternoons, students are picked-up by car, bus, daycare, walk/bike, or our parent pick-up option. Please expect the first week to be a little delayed in timing as all of our students and staff get into routines.

In addition, parents will be allowed to walk students to their classrooms for the first seven days of schools. In order to promote student responsibility and independence, starting August 20th, parents will be encouraged to allow their children to walk to their classroom. There will be staff members to help any unsure students find their way!

Bus Transportation Information:

Bus routes and estimated morning pick-up times can be found on the district website: or specifically at InfoFinder