5th Grade End of Year Slide Show

5th Grade End of Year Slide Show

The year's end is fast approaching and it is time to start putting together information for the 5th Grade End of the Year Celebration which will be held the morning of Thursday, June 7th.

In preparation for the celebration, we would like your help for the 5th grade 'surprise' slide show. If you could, please send an email to sam.villarreal@leanderisd.org by June 1st that contains the following:

 A: 2 pictures of your 5th grade child: one from age 0-3 years and one that is current,

 B: A short answer to ONE of the following questions: *What I love most about you is *The first word that comes to mind when we think of you is

 C. Your student's first and last name in the subject line Parents please keep in mind that each kiddo gets only one slide which will be seen for about 7-8 seconds, so we ask that you keep it brief--20 words max.


*Email any questions to: sam.villarreal@leanderisd.org Thank you! ‚Äč